Time recording for SAP Business ByDesign

The Chronos Time Recording System can be operated with various different time recording terminals. Recording of time-based events such as "Come", "Go", "Break" and "Away on business" and immediate transfer of these events to SAP Business ByDesign can be implemented with a standard installation.

All recorded times are automatic reported in SAP Business ByDesign:

Integrates directly into SAP

Direct connection of time recording terminals (e.g. Datafox or KABA) to SAP BusinessByDesign to avoid the costs associated with a paper recording system.

Records staff presence times via a terminal or browser

Almost any customer-specific time recording scenario can be implemented using the freely-configurable Chronos Time Recording system. This greatly simplifies and streamlines the management of time recording processes across the entire company.

Provides a multi-lingual user interface

Chronos provides a wide range of languages, e.g. English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian and many more, This allows customers to use their own language profiles and translations.

Customer-specific Terminal Front Panel Designs

Datafox Terminals offers maximum flexibility. It is equally suitable for recording attendance times and also for recording job times and operational data. Access control components are also available. Noteworthy of mention is that customer-specific keyboard layouts and front panel designs are possible for these devices. The following overview shows some variants:

Some customer-specific examples:

Project Time Recording

Project times can be quickly and easily displayed in a weekly overview and booked against projects, tasks and services defined in the SAP BusinessByDesign environment. Other recording variants such as (e.g.) employee-specific start-stop functions or special recording forms for team leaders are also possible.

Operating Data Recording

Times and item quantities can be directly recorded from the various different production tasks. Bookings can be recorded via a terminal, browser or tablet. A wide range of different customer scenarios for production data recording can be implemented.

Time Recording Portal

The Chronos Time Recording Portal for SAP BusinessByDesign can implement a wide range of application cases and customer requirements. The portal can be accessed using tablets, smartphones or browsers.